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What is the value of x if 5^x+2=5^9?

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Pls will give brainliest and all p. s u can zoom in if u cant see plss
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An automated egg carton loader has a 1% probability of cracking an egg, and a customerwill complain if more than one egg per dozen is cracked. assume each egg load is anindependent event. a.what is the distribution (including parameters) of cracked eggs per dozen? b. what is the probability that a carton of 12 eggs results in a complaint? c. what is the mean and standard deviation of cracked eggs in a carton of onedozen?
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Which expression gives you the distance between the points (5,1)and(9,-6)
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Hector and alex traded video games. alex gave hector one fourth of his video games in exchange for 6 video games. then he sold 3 video games and gave 2 video games to his brother. alex ended up with 16 video games. how many video games did alex have when he started?
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What is the value of x if 5^x+2=5^9?...

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