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Willard f. libby received his undergraduate degree from

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Find the height of a square pyramid that has the volume of 32 ft.³ and a base lengthof 4 feet
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Which of the following equations is of the parabola whose vertex is at (4, 3), axis of symmetry parallel to the y-axis and focus at (4, -3)? a.) y+3=1/24 (x+4)^2 b.)y-3=-1/24 (x-4)^2 c.)x-4=-1/24 (y-3)^2
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Researchers were interested in whether relaxation training decreases the number of headaches a person experiences. they randomly assigned 20 participants to a control group or a relaxation training group and noted the change in number of headaches each group reported from the week before training to the week after training. which statistical analysis should be performed to answer the researchers' question?
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Student price tickets to a movie are $1 and non student tickets are $2. 350 tickets are sold and the total amount made is $450. how many non student tickets were sold ? a) 100 b) 150 c) 200 d)250
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Willard f. libby received his undergraduate degree from...

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