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How do you graph the quadratic function 8(x-6)^2

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An automated water dispenser fills packets with one liter of water on average, with a standard deviation of 5 milliliter. the manual says that after a year of operation the dispenser should be tested to see if it needs recalibration. a year later a number of filled packets are set aside and measured separately. it is found that the average packet now contains about 0.995 liters. does the dispenser need calibration? explain your answer.
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One positive number is 9 more than twice another. if their product is 95, find the numbers
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Mr. and mrs. wallace have decided to buy a car for $21,600. they finance $15,000 of it with a 5-year auto loan at 2.9% arp. what will be their monthly payment be? a. $268.20 b. $268.86 c. $269.54 d. $387.16 (monthly car loan payment per $1,000 borrowed) i need !
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If, while training for a marathon, you ran 60 miles in 2 2/3 months, how many miles did you run each month? (assume you ran the same amount each month) write your answer as a whole number, proper fraction, or mixed number in simplest form. you ran __ miles each month.
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How do you graph the quadratic function 8(x-6)^2...

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