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How do you know a problem is linear or exponential?

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How can you explain the concepts of conditional probability and independence in everyday situations? i need this for my notes
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Segment xz is bisected by point y. if xy = 12x, and the measure of xz = 18x – 6, solve for x
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Brent needs to paint a logo made using two right triangles. the dimensions of the logo are shown below. what is the difference between the area of the large triangle and the area of the small triangle? (1 point) select one: a. 4.5 cm2 b. 8.5 cm2 c. 16.5 cm2 d. 33.0 cm2
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Two planes leave an airport at the same​ time, one flying​ east, the other flying west. the eastbound plane travels 20 mph slower. they are 1600 mi apart after 2 hr. find the speed of each plane.
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How do you know a problem is linear or exponential?...

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