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What is the percent increase for 950 and 1520

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Apackage of bacon holds 15 strips of bacon. the pancake house uses 17 packages of bacon in the morning and 21 packages in the afternoon. how many more strips were used in the afternoon than the morning?
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Agroup of neighbors is holding an end of summer block party. they buy p p packs of hot dogs, with 8 8 hot dogs in each pack. all together, they have 5 6 56 hot dogs for the party. write an equation to describe this situation.
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Brent needs to paint a logo made using two right triangles. the dimensions of the logo are shown below. what is the difference between the area of the large triangle and the area of the small triangle? (1 point) select one: a. 4.5 cm2 b. 8.5 cm2 c. 16.5 cm2 d. 33.0 cm2
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Subscriptions to a popular fashion magazine have gone down by a consistent percentage each year and can be modeled by the function y = 42,000(0.96)t. what does the value 42,000 represent in the function?
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What is the percent increase for 950 and 1520...

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