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Which reason can be used to fill in the numbered blank space?

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Iwill give brainliest only if your correct the words subsequent and submerge both contain the prefix sub. based on this information, what does the prefix sub most likely mean? a) under or secondary b) true or verifiable c) tricky or difficult d) around or centered on
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40) linda was making chocolate truffles for the first day of school. the recipe for 20 chocolate truffles is: i cup of cream 2 cups of dark chocolate she noticed this will not be enough truffles for the 42 sure that all students in each homeroom next year. to be sure that all students receive a truffle, linda must adjust her recipe. a. complete the recipe for 42 truffles cups of cream - cups of dark chocolate work:
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What is the length of the midsegment of a trapezoid with bases of length 15 and 25 ?
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Find the distance of the blue line between the two labeled points. round to the nearest hundredth. a) 7.07 b) 7.21 c) 10 d) 5.12
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Which reason can be used to fill in the numbered blank space?...

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