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Give the area of a square when the side is 13ft

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In the following diagram it is given that dec, ab || dc, ad || eb, and ad is congruent to bc. a)why isn't abc a parallelogram even though it has a pair of parallel sides and a pair of congruent sides b)explain why be must be congruent to bc. further explain what type of triangle this makes triangle abc and what it tells you about angle 1 and angle 2c) finally why must angle 3 be congruent to angle 1? further, explain why we know that angle 3 is congruent to angle 2
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Піf x = y and y= z, which statement must be true? оа. -x = -2 b. x= z о ос. —x = 2 od. 2= x
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Give the area of a square when the side is 13ft...

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