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Circle 1 has center (−6, 2) and a radius of 8 cm. circle 2 has center (−1, −4) and a radius 6 cm. what transformations can be applied to circle 1 to prove that the circles are similar? enter your answers in the boxes. enter the scale factor as a fraction in simplest form. the circles are similar because the transformation rule ( , ) can be applied to circle 1 and then dilate it using a scale factor of ​.

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The sixth grade art students are making a mosaic using tiles in the shape of right triangles. each tile has leg measures of 3 centimeters and 5 centimeters. i f there are 200 tiles in the mosaic what is the area of the mosaic.
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Martin likes to make flower bouquets that have 3 daffodils and 4 tulips per vase. a daffodil has a mass of d grams, a tulip has a mass of t grams, and the vase has a mass of u grams. the expression 5(3d + 4t + v) describes the mass of 5 bouquets. match each amount in the situation with the expression that represents it. situation expression number of bouquets mass of one bouquet mass of the tulips in one bouquet 4t mass of the daffodils in one bouquet 3d + 4t + v
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Closing a credit card usually _your debt ratio. a. increasesb. decreasesc. improvesd. has no effect on​
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Miranda is braiding her hair. then she will attach beads to the braid. she wants 1_3 of the beads to be red. if the greatest number of beads that will fit on the braid is 12,what other fractions could represent the part of the beads that are red?
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Circle 1 has center (−6, 2) and a radius of 8 cm. circle 2 has center (−1, −4) and a radius 6 cm. wh...

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