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What is a probability of tossing an even number?

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Write a corresponding real world problem to represent 2x - 125=400
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What is the total area of the figure?
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What is the probability of throwing several dice with sum equal to 6 (six)? show the ways of possibilities for sum 6 (as the numerator) and the ways of throwing n dices for n = 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 as denominator for all the questions to earn full credits. (a)throw one die, (b) throw two dice, (c) throw three dice (d) throw 4 dice, (e) throw 5 dice
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The figure shows the front side of a metal desk in the shape of a trapezoid. what is the area of this trapezoid? 10 ft²16 ft²32 ft²61 ft²
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What is a probability of tossing an even number?...

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