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14,593.75 round to the neartest cent

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Mrs. morton has a special reward system for her class. when all her students behave well, she rewards them by putting 3 marbles into a marble jar. when the jar has 100 or more marbles, the students have a party. right now, the the jar has 24 marbles. how could mrs. morton reward the class in order for the students to have a party?
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Me with geometry ! in this figure, bc is a perpendicular bisects of kj. dm is the angle bisects of bdj. what is the measure of bdm? •60° •90° •30° •45°
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Which of the following best describes the delian problem?
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What number line represents the solution set for the inequality -1/2 greater than or equal to 4
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14,593.75 round to the neartest cent...

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