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What is the answer for -3 1/2x3/14=

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It takes an ant farm 3 days to consume 1/2 of an apple. at that rate, in how many days will the ant farm consume 3 apples
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Judy garland electronics operate on a net-profile rate of 20% on its printer cables. if the markup is $8.95 and the overhead is $4.31,find the net profit and the selling price? use the net-profit rate formula to solve this problem.
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Julius went on a volunteer trip to centralamerica and took medical supplies with him. he packed a bag with 50 pounds of supplies. he brought pieces of equipment that weighed10 pounds each and bottles of medicine thatweighed pound each prepresents thenumber of pieces of equipment he broughtand b represents the number of bottles ofmedicine he brought then the total weight canbe represented by the equation 10p+b 50.the brought 3 pieces of equipment, how manybottles of medicine did he bring? ​
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On average, a continental shelf drops 0.12 m per 100 m. at 22.5 m from the shoreline, how much distance has the continental shelf dropped?
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What is the answer for -3 1/2x3/14=...

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