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You can buy 5 cans for green beans at the village market for 3.40 you can buy 10 of the same cans of beans at sams club for 5.90. what place is better buy?

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You drop a rubber ball off the roof of a 50 meter high building onto a paved parking lot. it bounces back up with every bounce, but not quite all the way back up to you. after the first bounce it bounces back only 80 percent of the distance it was dropped from. the pattern continues, meaning after every bounce it comes up to just 80 percent of the previous maximum height. so if before the first bounce the height is 50 meters, what height does the ball reach after the fifth bounce? round your answer to one decimal place and chose the correct response from the choices below:
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Trent wants to buy 2 packs of trading cards for 3 dollars each. the trading card packs that trent normally buys tend to come in packs of 6, 10, 12, or 15 cards. after selecting 2 packs, trent found that the first pack of cards cost 25 cents per card, and the second pack cost 30 cents per card. trent uses this information to write the equations below in order to compare c, the number of cards in each pack.
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Abus travels 36 miles in 45 minutes. enter the number of miles the bus travels in 60 minutes at this rate.
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Answer pls man im trying to get out of summer school
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You can buy 5 cans for green beans at the village market for 3.40 you can buy 10 of the same cans of...

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