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What’s 58,500 = 2,500 + 80,000-?

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Alaunch ramp is formed by 2 arcs, each with a central angle of 60 degrees and a radius of 15 ft. f the length from the top of one ramp to the top of the other. (express your answer in terms of n)
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According to modern​ science, earth is about 4.5 billion years old and written human history extends back about​ 10,000 years. suppose the entire history of earth is represented with a 10​-meter-long ​timeline, with the birth of earth on one end and today at the other end.
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Anormally distributed data set has a mean of 176.3 and a standard deviation of 4.2. what is the approximate z-score for the data value of 167.9? 2.00 −2.00 8.4 −8.4
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Hey i have homework that’s due tomorrow i need on 7-11 reply to this question
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What’s 58,500 = 2,500 + 80,000-?...

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