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What is the factor tree for the number 105

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How many credit hours will a student have to take for the two tuition costs to be equal? round the answer to the nearest tenth of an hour.
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Iwill give ! ! (a) what is the relationship between the numbers of weeks practicing and the words per minute that can be typed? explain. (b) paul uses the function y = 7.7x + 13.8 to model the situation. how many words per minute can paul predict to type after 5 weeks of practicing? show your ! (c) what does the number 13.8 in part (b) mean in the context of the situation?
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Ateacher wants to see if a new unit on fractions is students learn. she has five randomly selected students take a pre-test and a post test on the material. the scores are out of 20. has there been improvement? (pre-post) student 1 2 3 4 5 pre-test 15 14 15 19 14 post- test 19 13 12 20 18 find the standard error.
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Solving for y i'm looking for degrees of the sine​
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What is the factor tree for the number 105...

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