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What number is it on for the answer?

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Samantha is growing a garden in her back yard. she spend $90 setting up the garden bed and buying the proper garden supplies. in addition, each seed she plants cost $0.25. a. write the function f(x) that represents samantha's total cost on her garden. b. explain what x represents. c. explain what f(x) represents. d. if samantha plants 55 seeds, how much did she spend in total?
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Which of the following can be used to explain a statement in a geometric proof?
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Arefrigeration system at your company uses temperature sensors fixed to read celsius (°c) values, but the system operators in your control room understand only the fahrenheit scale. you have been asked to make a fahrenheit (°f) label for the high temperature alarm, which is set to ring whenever the system temperature rises above –10°c. what fahrenheit value should you write on the label?
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Pamela has a 30-year, 5.75% mortgage on her $250,000 home. she has been paying on it for 5 years, and has recently hit some financial trouble. if her lender agreed to lower the interest rate on her $231,905.47 balance to 5.5%, what will her new payment be for the remainder of the loan?
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