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Write the equation of the line in point-slope form that goes through (-6, 11) and has a slope of 2/3? Note that the third blank is for a plus or minus sign.


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Step-by-step explanation:


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3/4 ÷ 3/4

step-by-step explanation:

basically divide any proper fraction with itself to fit the criteria.

so if we are using 3/4, then:

3/4 ÷ 3/4 = 1

so 1 is the quotient.

and the numerators for both these fractions is 3.   and if we divide the numerators:

3 ÷ 3 = 1

we see that quotient is equal to our original quotient as well.

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where is the option given

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Write the equation of the line in point-slope form that goes through (-6, 11) and has a slope of 2/3...

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