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Sexplain how the values of the numbers 350 and 3500 are different

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Can someone me with this problem . show your work .
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The swimming pool is open when the high temperature is higher than 20∘c. lainey tried to swim on monday and thursday (which was 3 days later). the pool was open on monday, but it was closed on thursday. the high temperature was 30∘c on monday, but decreased at a constant rate in the next 3 days. write an inequality to determine the rate of temperature decrease in degrees celsius per day, d, from monday to thursday.
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Sanjay solved the equation below. which property did he use to determine that 7x+42=42 is equivalent to 7(x+6)=42 7x+42=42 7x=0 x=0
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Jo divides a candy bar into eight pieces for children to share. she gives three pieces to sam, three pieces to leslie, and two pieces to maggie. rose, the two month old baby, doesn't get any. what fractions show how much candy each of the four children got? ​
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Sexplain how the values of the numbers 350 and 3500 are different...

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