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Which of the following expressions represents a function? (5 points) a {(1, 2), (4, βˆ’2), (8, 3), (9, βˆ’3)} b y2 = 16 βˆ’ x2 c 2x2 + y2 = 5 d x = 7


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Option "a" is the only expression that represents a function.

Step-by-step explanation:

A function f(x) = y is a "operator" that takes an input element, x, and assigns it to only one output element, y.

So, if we have that for a given value of x.

f(x) = y and f(x) = h

where y and h are different values, then this is not a function, because is assigning the input value x to two different output values.

Let's see the different options:

a) {(1, 2), (4, βˆ’2), (8, 3), (9, βˆ’3)}

This points are of the form (x, y)

We can see that each value of x is assigned to only one value of y, so this can represent a function.

b) Β y^2 = 16 βˆ’ x^2

Ok, suppose that x = 0, then:

y^2 = 16 - 0 = 16

then we have that y*y = 16.

So y can take two different values:

y = 4 ---> 4*4 = 16

y = -4 ---> -4*-4 = 16.

So this is not a function.

c) 2x^2 + y^2 = 5

First, we want to isolate y in one side:

y^2 = 5 - 2*x^2

Here we have a similar case to the option b, and we can use a similar argument to prove that this is not a function, so we can discard this.

d) x = 7.

Ok, this is not a relation between two variables, so this is not a function, as if x is the input value, we have only one value of x that solves the equation.

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answer: b

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Which of the following expressions represents a function? (5 points) a {(1, 2), (4, βˆ’2), (8, 3), (9,...

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