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Asurvey showed that 14% of the people in a test market would buy a water purifier that screws onto any faucet. a total of 8,136 similar water purifiers of all brands were sold in the test market last year. based on the survey, how many screw-on water purifiers might the manufacturer sell?

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Someone answer this asap rn for ! a discount store’s prices are 25% lower than department store prices. the function c(x) = 0.75x can be used to determine the cost c, in dollars, of an item, where x is the department store price, in dollars. if the item has not sold in one month, the discount store takes an additional 20% off the discounted price and an additional $5 off the total purchase. the function d(y) = 0.80y - 5 can be used to find d, the cost, in dollars, of an item that has not been sold for a month, where y is the discount store price, in dollars. create a function d(c(x)) that represents the final price of an item when a costumer buys an item that has been in the discount store for a month. d(c(x)) =
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Cor d? ? me ? max recorded the heights of 500 male humans. he found that the heights were normally distributed around a mean of 177 centimeters. which statements about max’s data must be true? a) the median of max’s data is 250 b) more than half of the data points max recorded were 177 centimeters. c) a data point chosen at random is as likely to be above the mean as it is to be below the mean. d) every height within three standard deviations of the mean is equally likely to be chosen if a data point is selected at random.
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Find the value of x. give reasons to justify your solutions! h ∈ ig
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The expression 1.01*1.005(^t) gives the amount of money, in thousands of dollars, in carter's savings account (t) years after he opens it. what does 1.01 represent in this expression?
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Asurvey showed that 14% of the people in a test market would buy a water purifier that screws onto a...

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