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A205- foot fence encloses a garden. what is the length of each side of the garden?

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The diagonals of a quadrilaretral intersect at (-1,4). one of the sides of the quadrilateral is bounded by (2,7) and (-3,5) determine the coordinates of the other side in order for the quadrilaretral to be a square.
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Atriangle has a side lengths of 18cm, 80 cm and 81cm. classify it as acute obtuse or right?
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Michelle and julie work at a catering company. they need to bake 264 cookies for a birthday party that starts in a little over an hour and a half. each tube of cookie dough claims to make 36 cookies, but michelle eats about 1/5 of every tube and julie makes cookies that are 1.5 times as large as the recommended cookie size. it takes about 8 minutes to bake a container of cookies, but since julie's cookies are larger, they take 12 minutes to bake. a. how many tubes should each girl plan to bake? how long does each girl use the oven? b. explain your solution process what did you make? c. what assumptions did you make?
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Consider circle o, where and . m∠bpd °. °.
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A205- foot fence encloses a garden. what is the length of each side of the garden?...

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