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For each of the last 3 months, olga saved $75, $96, and $84. what is the minimum amount she should save next month in order to save an average of $90 per month for these 4 months?

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Afactory adds 3 red drops and 2 blue drops of coloring to white paint to make each pint of purple paint. the factory will make 50 gallons of the purple paint. how many drops of red and blue coloring will the factory need in the 50 gallon batch of purple paint.
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Liz is shipping a package to her friend. the maximum weight of a medium flat-rate box is 20 pounds, including the box which weighs 6 ounces. write and solve an inequality to describe the possible weight ,w, of the contents that liz will ship to her friend if she must use a medium flat-rate box.
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Points a, b, and c form a triangle. complete the statements to prove that the sum of the interior angles of triangle abc is 180
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Ahovercraft takes off from a platform. its height (in meters), xx seconds after takeoff, is modeled by: h(x)=-2x^2+20x+48h(x)=−2x 2 +20x+48 what is the maximum height that the hovercraft will reach?
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For each of the last 3 months, olga saved $75, $96, and $84. what is the minimum amount she should s...

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