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During a cake eating contest lilly ate 2 1/2 cakes and koal ate 1 1/4 cakes how many cakes did they eat altogether

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If 1 km = 0.621 miles, how many miles are in a centimeter
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Asays "we are both knaves" and b says nothing. exercises 24–31 relate to inhabitants of an island on which there are three kinds of people: knights who always tell the truth, knaves who always lie, and spies (called normals by smullyan [sm78]) who can either lie or tell the truth. you encounter three people, a, b, and c. you know one of these people is a knight, one is a knave, and one is a spy. each of the three people knows the type of person each of other two is. for each of these situations, if possible, determine whether there is a unique solution and determine who the knave, knight, and spy are. when there is no unique solution, list all possible solutions or state that there are no solutions. 24. a says "c is the knave," b says, "a is the knight," and c says "i am the spy."
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Mozart lenses inc. recently introduced seelites, a thinner lens for eyelasses. of a sample of 800 eyeglass wearers, 246 said they would purchases their next pair of eyeglasses with the new lenses. lenses inc. estimates that the number of people who purchase eyeglasses in a year is 1,700,000. most eyeglasses wearer buy one new pair of eyeglasses a year. what is the annual sales potential for the new lenses.
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Iam being ! sally is a company set up for a show. they start setting up the set on a monday and then keeps setting everything up throughout that next week until everything is ready for the show to begin. the graph below shows sally’s setup time on different days (a) write the equation of the line in slope intercept form, show your work! (b) using the graph, predict how long sally worked to set up the show on the day the show set came, day 0. approximately how much did her set up time for the show set up increase or decrease per day? show your work.
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During a cake eating contest lilly ate 2 1/2 cakes and koal ate 1 1/4 cakes how many cakes did they...

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