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Randi shovels and salts her neighbors' driveways and walkways to earn money during the winter months in her town near the pocono mountains. she charges $25 dollars per hour because the amount of time she spends shoveling and salting depends on the size of the driveway and walkway.
randi has to pay for the salt that she uses, which costs her $3.00 per job on average. she also saves $2.00 per job to cover the costs of replacement shovels as needed.
randi's profit is the total amount of money that she collects from a snow shoveling and salting job that takes t hours minus her costs.
randi earned a profit of $60.00 on her last snow shoveling and salting job. write an equation that can be solved to find how many hours randi spent shoveling and salting to earn a profit of $60.00.write your answer in the form of an algebraic equation using the math editor. you do not have to solve the equation, but you will need to use your equation to complete the next test question.

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Randi shovels and salts her neighbors' driveways and walkways to earn money during the winter months...

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