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What is the answer to 13-4(4+12•2)-1

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Karianne and lucius are analyzing a linear function on a graph. karianne says that unit rate is equal to rate of change, but that slope is calculated differently. lucius says that unit rate, rate of change, and slope are calculated the same way. who is correct? explain your answer.
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You have $600,000 saved for retirement. your account earns 5.5% interest. how much, to the nearest dollar, will you be able to pull out each month, if you want to be able to take withdrawals for 20 years?
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Which of the following expressions is equal to 2x^2+8
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Alocal ice cream shop tracks the amount of ice cream they sell each day, along with the high temperature of that day (in°c). the table shows a sample of 10 days from one particular month. which of the following best describes the relationship between high temperature and ice cream sales?
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What is the answer to 13-4(4+12•2)-1...

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