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How do you find the surface area for this one and what is the surface area for that?

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Simonne used the following steps to simplify the given expression. 12 - 3(-2x + 4) step 1: 12 + (–3)·(–2x) + (–3)·(4) step 2: 12 + 6x + (–12) step 3: 12 + (–12) + 6x step 4: 0 + 6x step 5: 6x what property of real numbers was used to transition from step 3 to step 4? a. identity property of addition b. inverse property of addition c. associative property of addition d. commutative property of addition
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The function v(r)=4/3pir^3 can be used to find the volume of air inside a basketball given its radius. what does v(r) represent
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This is a map of the mars exploration rover opportunity predicted landing site on mars. the scale is 1cm : 9.4km. what are the approximate measures of the actual length and width of the ellipse? i mostly need to know how to set it up : )
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Jayne is studying urban planning and finds that her town is decreasing in population by 3% each year. the population of her town is changing by a constant rate. true or false?
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How do you find the surface area for this one and what is the surface area for that?...

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