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At a local high school, the probability that a student is absent on any given day is about 0.08. however, the probability that a student is absent given it is friday is 0.20. are these two events independent?

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Me on this one i will give you 20pts. answer should be in detail . this is the discussion topic. one of the most fiercely debated topics in sports is the hot hand theory. the hot hand theory says that success breeds success. in other words, rather than each shot a basketball player takes or each at-bat a baseball player has being an independent event, the outcome of one event affects the next event. that is, a player can get hot and make a lot of shots in a row or get a lot of hits in a row. the hot hand theory, however, has been shown to be false in numerous academic studies. read this article, which discusses the hot hand theory as it relates to a professional basketball player. state whether you agree or disagree with the hot hand theory, and give reasons for your opinion. be sure to use some of the terms you’ve learned in this unit, such as independent event, dependent event, and conditional probability, in your answer.
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22. catie is starting a babysitting business. she spent $26 to make signs to advertise. she charges an initial fee of $5 and then $3 for each hour of service. write and solve an inequality to find the number of hours she will have to babysit to make a profit. interpret the solution.!
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Rationalize the denominator- 12x/√x-10
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Factor the polynomial, if possible. if the polynomial cannot be factored, write prime. 9n^3 + 27n^2 – 25n – 75
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At a local high school, the probability that a student is absent on any given day is about 0.08. how...

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