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What number has 10 tents 0 ones?

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40 points and will give brainlyet! need this answer within 15 mins. often times you can use similar triangles in the real world. sarah is attempting to find the height of a tree by using a mirror. by the laws of physics she knows that the angle of incidence is congruent to the angle of reflection (these are marked in red on the diagram). explain why the two triangles are similar and if she knows her height and the distance from the mirror to her feet and also the distance from the mirror to the tree how could she calculate the height of the tree?
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What is the slope simplify your answer and write it as a proper fraction, improper fraction, or integer
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Using the quadratic formula find the zeros of the given polynomial -5x^2+3x-11
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For this option, you will work individually. the pythagorean theorem can be used in many real-world scenarios. part 1 write your own real-world scenario where the pythagorean theorem can be applied to find a missing piece. you may choose to write a problem that is two- or three-dimensional in nature. be sure that you will be able to draw a diagram of your scenario. write out your problem and submit it for part 1. be sure to end your scenario with a question. part 2 draw a diagram of the scenario you created in part 1. you may draw by hand and scan and upload your drawing or create a computer-generated drawing for submission. be sure to label all parts and dimensions of the drawing. part 3 solve the question that you posed in part 1. show all of your steps in answering the question. for this option, you will need to submit all three parts for full credit—your real-world problem and question, the diagram that you created, and your work solving the problem, showing all steps. * note that your instructor is looking for your own original idea. while it is acceptable to use the internet for research and inspiration, academic integrity policies apply.
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What number has 10 tents 0 ones?...

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