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43/7x - 3 1/3= 12 what is the x in the equation ?

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Asample of 43 account balances of a credit company showed an average of $1,203 with a sample standard deviation of $171. conduct a hypothesis test to determine whether the mean of all account balances is significantly different from $1,114. what is the test statistic value from this hypothesis test?
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In an experiment you are to flip a two sided coin 100 times and record 55 heads up and 45 tails up determine the theoretical and experimental probability of getting a heads up in the experiment.
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Read the following problems: the number of girls and boys in math class total 36; how many girls are there if the number of girls is 3 more than twice the number of boys? the equations for the system are:
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43/7x - 3 1/3= 12 what is the x in the equation ?...

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