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What is 36. 45 divided by 0.09?

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For which of the following counts would a binomial probability model not be reasonable? a)the number of people in a classroom born in januaryb) the number of people in a classroom with red hair c) the number of people admitted to a hospital in a day with a particular disease d) the number of heart beats in a one-minute perio.
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Two language​ majors, anna and​ megan, took exams in two languages. anna scored 85 on both exams. megan scored 74 on the first exam and 85 on the second exam.​ overall, student scores on the first exam had a mean of 82 and a standard deviation of 4​, and the second exam scores had a mean of 71 and a standard deviation of 13. ​a) to qualify for language​ honors, a major must maintain at least an 85 average across all language courses taken. so​ far, which of anna and megan​ qualify? ​b) which​ student's overall performance was​ better?
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D(5, 7). e(4,3), and f(8, 2) form the vertices of a triangle. what is mzdef? oa. 30° ob. 45° oc. 60° od 90°
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What is 36. 45 divided by 0.09?...

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