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Write the augmented matrix for each system of equations.

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Based upon past experience, barry expects no overdrafts. he expects no 2nd copies of statements. barry estimates that he will use network atms about 5 times a month with either bank. barry decides in the end to choose eecu. assuming that both banks provide the necessary services equally well, and based upon the tables of fees given above, how much can barry reasonably expect to save annually by choosing eecu in this case over e-town bank? a. $72 b. $78 c. $144 d. $24
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Adepartment store purchases screen-printed t-shirts at a cost of $5 per shirt. they mark up the price 150% (making the selling price 250% of the store's purchase price) and put them on the sales floor. every month that a t-shirt doesn't sell, the store reduces the selling price by 25%.
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Read the equations in the table below. then drag a description of the situation and a table to represent each equation. indicate whether each of the relationships is proportional or non-proportional.
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How do you find the circumfrance of a circle?
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Write the augmented matrix for each system of equations....

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