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What is #14 written as a decimal, explain your thinking.

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Listed in the table is the percentage of students who chose each kind of juice at lunchtime. use the table to determine the measure of the central angle you would draw to represent orange juice in a circle graph
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The us gdp (gross domestic product) for 2014 was a reported 17.555 trillion dollars. the current us population is about 320 million people. round all answers to the nearest hundredth.
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2+ 10x+16 y-3 which graph shows the solution set of the inequality
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To solve the system of linear equations 8x+5y = 10 and 6x+y=-2 by using the linear combination method, amos decidedthat he should first multiply the second equation by –5 and then add the two equations together to eliminate the y-terms. hiscalculations are as shown. amos's solution is (2,-14). what did he do wrong? ​
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What is #14 written as a decimal, explain your thinking....

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