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What is the sum of 3 1/10 and 1 3/4 . me with this .

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Cody started biking to the park traveling 15 mph, after some time the bike got a flat so cody walked the rest of the way, traveling 4 mph. if the total trip to the park took 6 hours and it was 46 miles away, how long did cody travel at each speed? solve using rate times time= distance
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Find the area of the triangle formed by the origin and the points of intersection of parabolas y=−3x^2+20 and y=x^2−16.
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Jordan got 27 out of 90 correct on his test . what fraction of the marks did her get correct
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Acredit union pays 5% annual interest, compounded daily, on savings deposits. find the value after one year of $500 deposited in this account. $525.64 $25.64 $20.40 $520.40
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What is the sum of 3 1/10 and 1 3/4 . me with this ....

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