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Name the point with the given coordinates (4, -2) 1: k 2: h 3: g 4: j

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Order the numbers in each list from least to greatest. 0, |−14|, 13, −12, |−16|, 17
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Achemist has 200 ml of a 10% sucrose solution. she adds x ml of a 40% sucrose solution. the percent concentration, y, of the final mixture is given by the rational function: the chemist needs the concentration of the final mixture to be 30%. how many milliliters of the 40% solution should she add to the 10% solution to get this concentration?
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An equation representing lyle’s hedge-trimming business is a = 12n - 300 where a is the amount of profit or loss in dollars and n is the number of hedges trimmed. how would the graph of lyle’s business change if the equation a = 10n - 300 represented his business? the graph would be flatter. the graph would be steeper. the graph would start closer to the origin. the graph would start lower on the y-axis.
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98 point question what is the record for most points in one
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Name the point with the given coordinates (4, -2) 1: k 2: h 3: g 4: j...

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