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What is the surface area of this cube? yeet

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Ben is three times as old as samantha, who is two years older than half of michel's age. if michel is 12. how old is ben?
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The total cost of anja’s trip to the dentist was $628.35. she paid a flat fee of $89.95 which included the checkup and cleaning and then had 4 cavities filled, each of which cost the same amount. which shows the correct equation and value of x, the cost of each cavity filling?
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Sixteen of the 24 schools in ryan’s country are public schools ryan used this spinner to predict the probability that the winner of the country spelling bee in each of the next four years will attend a private school
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Describe the symmetry of the figure. identify lines of symmetry, if any. find the angle and the order of any rotational symmetry.
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What is the surface area of this cube? yeet...

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