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which impact did the portuguese establishment of trading outposts along the indian ocean have on europe?
a: it drove down prices for goods and wages for workers in europe.
b: it dramatically increased the population of europe.
c: it spurred other european nations to explore and set up colonies.
d: it deterred trade between east asia and european nations.

how did the portuguese use geographic factors to them control the spice trade?
a: they used diplomacy to establish alliances with inland indian rulers and arab traders.
b: they used european technology and expanded agricultural production to set up a trading empire.
c: they used force and diplomacy to set up coastal trading posts and seize key ports around the indian ocean.
d: they conquered inland kingdoms, which they turned into a trading empire.

which statement is true about portuguese exploration?

the portuguese were attacked and defeated by muslim traders on the east african coast.
a: the portuguese found a trade route through the indian ocean to asia.
b: the exploration ended after the death of prince henry in 1480.
c: the portuguese explored the interior of africa and established footholds.
d: description

which geographic condition most likely made a colony profitable?
a: large native populations
b: abundance of natural resources
c: close proximity to europe
d: access to interior rivers

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