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Why is important to nominate candidate

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Which statement can be inferred from the popularity of american baseball, blue jeans, and hip-hop music in japan? o a. american sports, entertainment, and clothing have been copied from japan. o b. many japanese companies sell products in the united states today. o c. the diffusion of american culture has influenced japanese culture. o d. advertisers in japan have started to appeal to older japanese traditions.
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States' compliance with the native american reservation treaties drawn up by the federal government for the native american nations is:
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Changes in literary style some new techniques in art and photography and taking pictures are all examples of what the 11920s cultural trend
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Igor stravinksy’s ballet, the rite of spring, featured clashing music, harsh sounds and deliberately ugly dancing. upon its premier, theater goers literally rioted in the seats of the venue. historians argue this moment is a “breaking point” where europe proves it is destined to be plunged into world war i. why would historians make such a claim? a people were genuinely angry that someone so bad at composing could make a ballet b the ballet represents colonialism. it showed the consequences of centuries of exploitation of non-european people. c the ballet represents the changing ideologies of modernity. the youth of europe breaking all the old rules and the old guard clinging on to the last bits of power d the ballet represents war itself. it drudged up old rivalries between the french and german peoples, inciting the lust for combat.
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