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The Hindu Kush are found primarily in _.

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What impact did president grant’s executive order in 1876 have upon the cahuilla tribe? it forced them to disarm and surrender all money and firearms. it forced them to accept relocation to subpar lands in canada. it forced them to relocate to the cabazon reservation. it forced them to give up rights to water and other natural resources.
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Marine exptoration of oil uses seismic waves to locate oil in the seabed. what is a negative impact from seismic waves on the aquatic ecosystem of the ocean? a. seismic waves kill microoganisms b. seismic waves disrupts the sand and causes seafloor erosion c. seismic waves have virtually no adverse affects on marine life d. seismic waves damage the sonar that dolphins and whales use to orient themselves underwater
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What was the historic border between the united states and mexico?
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Which of the following world and national events led to a new view of people with disabilities in the us:     a.  world war i and ii veterans with disabilities returned home after the wars. b.  john f. kennedy was elected president and had a sister with a disability. c.  the civil rights and feminist movements. d.  all of the above.
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The Hindu Kush are found primarily in _....

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