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Need fast give two examples of paleolithic technology

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Match the vocabulary term with its meaning, bound to the land; were the lord's 1 bailiff 2. freemen property advisor to the lord; head of manorial court could leave the manor if found 3. revee 4. sert better land and were accepted by another lord managed finances, oversaw peasant work for the lord mediator between peasants and higher officials 5. steward mext guestion ask for turn it in
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Which allied leader is described below? • his actions at the peace conference reflected the desire of the english people to punish germany for the destruction and suffering of world war i • he believed germany had to be punished for world war i, but not to the extent that germany was left powerless and destitute • he wanted germany to serve as a barrier to resist the spread of communism. woodrow wilson david lloyd george georges clemenceau vittorio orlando next question o ask for turn it in
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Why were adams ideas not out into action
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Which of the following is not a way in which spanish settlement in the americas affected native populations?
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Need fast give two examples of paleolithic technology...

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