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What was the Truman Doctrine? A. An alliance of nations that promised to defend one another in the
event of an attack

B. An American policy to try to stop the spread of Communism
anywhere in the world

C. An American program of economic aid to free and democratic
nations after World War II

D. A program to deliver aid to West Berlin in response to a Soviet

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Type the corect answer in the box. there were many causes of the enlightenment. however, a particular revolution played an important role in its development. this revolution was a result of discoveries made by scientists such as isaac newton and galileo galilei. they dug deep into the realms of science to discover new laws of physics and decipher the mysteries of the universe. the revolution refuted the claims of the catholic church about the position of earth in the solar system. this revolution is called what?
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What was the Truman Doctrine? A. An alliance of nations that promised to defend one another in the...

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