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What happened at the Alamo?

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Sole i will mark brainlist to who answer
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According to the sixth amendment, what can the woman do to support her court case? 1/ she can hire a different lawyer. 2/she can request that the trial be moved to a different state. 3/ she can require the witnesses to testify. 4/ she can refuse to testify.
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In which part of the united states did women first begin to get the right to vote? o a. the south o b. eastern coastal towns o c. the west o d. northern industrial cities
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Identify casue and effect in this unit you learned about several issues that were resolved by compromise during the constitutional convention. create a graphic organized like the one below and use it to show how the compromises affected framework of the new government (the graphic organizer is just 2 columns and one says compromises and one says effect and 3 boxes on each side)you so much!
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What happened at the Alamo?...

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