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In addition to patronage, merchant families during the renaissance began to

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Besides freeing slaves, harriet tubman served her country in what three ways? a. spy b. secretary c. scout d. artillery supplier e. nurse
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This is a picture of workers in a factory. why was this picture most likely taken? to advertise that kids could get jobs to expose the horrors of child labor to show pride in children at work to show that night workers were needed o
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Three broad zones with different climates and resources shape russian life. they include:
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Respond to the scenario regarding spanish colonial life in latin america. you are a creole living in venezuela. your family is wealthy and you are well educated. through your education, you have learned about enlightenment ideas regarding life, liberty, and property. although you are not in a position of power, you enjoy a comfortable life. when a revolution spreads in your country, you are faced with a decision to become a supporter of venezuelan independence, or support spain, and your current way of life. what do you do? write 5 paragraphs
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In addition to patronage, merchant families during the renaissance began to...

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