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The christian church was the one unifying authority during this period. to what extent did the church preserve western culture and in what ways did they invent something entirely new

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Use this excerpt from the corpus luris civilis (justinian's law code) to answer the following question: with the aid of god governing our empire, which was delivered to us by his celestial majesty, we carry on war successfully. we ador peace and maintain the constitution of the state, and have such confidence in the protection of almighty god that we do not depend upon our arms, or upon our soldiers, or upon those who conduct our wars, or upon our own genlus, but we solely place our reliance upon the providence of the holy trinity, from which are derived the elements of the entire world and their disposition throughout the globe. --public domain from this excerpt of the prologue of the corpus luris civilis, what departure from older roman traditions is clear? the laws show that the empire has developed a bureaucracy that makes normal soldering unnecessary. the law now honors christianity as a central part of the empire's existence. the law explains that the roman empire is using war to spread roman ideas. the law has replaced old social class divisions with an egalitarian church,
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Tarte a la bouillie was enjoyed on: ​
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The line dividing regions 4 & 5 on this map is known as the "fall line." which of these represents an important factor of the fall line in georgia history? a) it was the first boundary of the georgia after it became a state. b) it was an important source of power due to a change in elevation. c) it was once home to major cities that have since become abandoned. d) it was a dividing line between the united states and native american territories.
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How were the tinker . des moines and engel v. vitale cases similar? o a. both cases established limits on public schools' actions based on the first amendment. o b. both cases expanded free speech rights for students and teachers in public schools. o c. in both cases, the supreme court ruled in favor of limiting religious expression in public schools o d. in both cases, the supreme court ruled that the bill of rights does not apply to students in public schools.
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The christian church was the one unifying authority during this period. to what extent did the churc...

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