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Napoleon's agreement with the catholic church did all of the following

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Read the passage below and answer the following question. the wars against carthage changed rome significantly. the roman senate had gained in power and respect compared to the other parts of the government. the romans emerged from the punic wars with the understanding that final authority over the military lay with the senate. also, the amount of land they controlled had grown. rome now considered spain as part of its territory, and it began what would become a long struggle to conquer the people of spain. the second war and carthage’s march through europe reduced the number of people in the italian countryside. men had gone off to war. people had died and people had moved to the cities to escape war. the new arrivals in the city of rome enjoyed the festivals and other public entertainment that were created to keep citizens happy during the dark days of the war. newcomers favored the city over the life of difficulty they had known working on farms. and after the war ended, many veterans from farming families decided to stay in cities, especially rome, rather than return to the countryside. cities in italy became overcrowded, and rome became the most populous city in europe and west asia. with the migration to the cities, farmland in italy could be bought cheaply. those with wealth began buying this farmland and increased their use of slaves to work those farms. many small farmers found themselves unable to compete with the larger farms and their large number of slaves. many small farmers gave up, sold their farms and joined the movement to the cities. passage taken and modified from: macrohistory : worldhistory website. rome went through many changes as a result of the punic wars. using the text above, summarize the main points about these changes. use at least four complete sentences and evidence from the text in your answer. (75 points)
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What are the reasons that some europeans moved and began colonizing the new world? select all that apply: options: better economic opportunities. some were escaping religious persecution. attempting to increase their wealth, despite the hardships and risks. the new world was safer and more secure than the old world.
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How did german physicist werner heisenberg's uncertainty principle shake beliefs in newtonian physics?
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Which action can congress not perform, according to the constitution? a. overturning a state law because representatives feel it violates the constitution b. overriding a presidential veto of a tax reduction with a two-thirds vote c. refusing to confirm a nominee the president puts forward for a supreme court vacancy d. passing a tax increase on corporations that do business outside the united states
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Napoleon's agreement with the catholic church did all of the following...

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