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What happened to societies in the mississippi river valley when the europeans appeared?

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Will give brainliest and a will put up a free point questionthe following question refers to a hypothetical situation. the 2010 supreme court case, wagner v. tritch, involves the illegal distribution of copyrighted material to foreign consumers via the internet, which is a new area of law. the 9-0, unanimous vote on the court is set to overturn the lower appellate court decision that augustus tritch was liable for millions of dollars to the plaintiff, frederick von wagner, for illegally distributing his book to overseas customers. now that the court has voted on the case, explain what must happen next? describe the different types of opinions that could come from the court.
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Select the correct answer. what are concurrent powers? a. powers granted solely to state governments b. powers granted to the national government c. powers transferred between government leaders d. powers shared between national and state governments
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What event started the space race and made americans feel their security was threatened a.) alan shepard's suborbital flight. b.) the launch of sputnik c.) the launch of explorer d.) the cuban missle crisis
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Which number on the map indicates the farthest reaches of alexander conquests?
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What happened to societies in the mississippi river valley when the europeans appeared?...

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