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Are the american people well represented by a two-party system?

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Which of the following statements describes how the punic wars contributed to the development of the roman empire? (5 points) they allowed the romans to focus more on expanding into the western mediterranean. they resulted in the overthrow of the roman republic and establishment of the empire. they marked the end of roman expansion in the mediterranean region. they forced the romans to reorganize their government with an emperor as ruler.
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What was the job of the second continental congress
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Ageographer starting a specific culture learns that the cultures values include reincarnation to believe in karma and the idea that people in a society are born into a specific social group and remain in the group forever. this geographer is most likely studying a culture in which country or countries
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Select all that apply. in the australian empire, what group(s) wanted to establish an autonomous state? greeks czechs hungarians ottoman turks
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Are the american people well represented by a two-party system?...

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