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Why were progressive reforms worried about the government?

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Describe the factors that led to the truman doctrine as well as how the doctrine affected the us foreign policy
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Which answer choice best explains two central ideas of the pro side? a what's most important are the aleutian islands. another nice thing is that that treaty is simple. b if the u. s. buys alaska, england will not attack. it is good that senators have learned more about the treaty. c alaska's great resources will provide money for the u. s. the deal also includes the aleutian islands which are good for trade and the military. d it's good that the treaty with alaska does not force the u. s. to enter into an alliance with russia or the british. if it did, the treaty would be a bad idea.
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Brainliestttme : ) -what reforms were made in communist china?
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During the revolutionary war what was the definition of loyalist
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Why were progressive reforms worried about the government?...

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