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The three main functions of the federal bureaucracy are implementation, administration, and regulation. summarize each function in one or two sentences.

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Brainliesttt asap!me : ) answer in your own words. what was the relationship between medieval theories about scientific reasoning and the kind of reasoning favored during the scientific revolution?
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Max points come fast based on what you have learned, choose each response below that correctly describes america’s economic situation at the time of the 2008 election. check all of the boxes that apply. a balanced federal budget banks in crisis economic growth growing unemployment falling home prices
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How did the russian revolution impact world war i? a) the russians required the allied powers to come to their aid and defeat the radical groups. b) the russians pulled out from the war, enabling the germans to focus on the western front. c) the russians created new technological advancements that were used by the allied powers to win. d) the russians created a new communist government that aligned with the central powers instead.
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What were three advantages the north had in the civil war? it was fighting most battles on home ground. it had a greater number of soldiers. it had more highly skilled military leaders. it had a stronger navy. it had a better network of railroads. pick three .
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The three main functions of the federal bureaucracy are implementation, administration, and regulati...

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