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Farmers who served as Oklahoma’s New Deal relief workers made up more than percent of all relief workers. A.

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Which purposes of the constitution are found in the preamble? select the six correct answers. to provide for the common defense to form a more perfect union to promote the general welfare to secure the blessings of liberty to declare independence from britain to establish justice to ensure domestic tranquility
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As a result of being interned against their will, most japenese americans lost interest in life and did very little in the camps
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Ineed with this unit test 1. japan became a peaceful democratic nation relatively quickly after the end of world war 11 which step is not part of it post-war transformation -adopting a new constitution -disarming most of the military -giving women rights to vote -giving the emperor more political power 2. why did mao start the cultural revolution? -he thought government officials had promoted a very narrow view of communism -he wanted to speed up change and eliminate western, capitalist influence-he wanted to speed up the economy by promoting capitalism -he wanted to restore traditional chinese culture 3. what launched the korean war? -general macarthur led an invasion of north korea -north koreans, with stalin's approval, invaded south korea -south koreans tried to capture the government in p'yongyang-chairman mao urged the south koreans to invade north korea
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Ilive in michigan i went to iowa and killed someone i then went to florida for vacation i got caught for the iowa murder wile kicking back on the beach in miami where will i be tried
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Farmers who served as Oklahoma’s New Deal relief workers made up more than percent of all relief wo...

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