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How did the instition of slavery continue to affect the world even after it was abolished?
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Which of the following individuals held bible study meetings for women in boston?
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Why was america’s victory at yorktown among the most significant battles of the american revolution? a. it made the british realize they were fighting a lost cause and soon after, they conceded the war. b. it forced colonists who had so far remained neutral to pick a side and enlist in the war. c. it the continental army remove all british barracks from new jersey. d. it secure france’s military and financial aid for the american cause. e.
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How did the invention of the cotton gin affect slave labor in the united states? a. there was a forced migration of slaves from the south to the north. b. slave-owning cotton planters were gradually forced to sell their plantations. c. more slaves were purchased to work on cotton plantations in the south. d. the reduced need for labor on cotton plantations led to a decline in slavery. e. slaves were moved from cotton plantations to sugar plantations.
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