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Discuss the development of the first microchips

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At the time of hitler's 1939 invasion of poland, the us had a policy of appeasement negotiation opposition neutrality
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Why is the 20th amendment to the u. s. constitution nicknamed the lame duck amendment?
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Choose one civil war topic from the list below. research your topic using the library and the internet. then, write a report of at least four hundred words. topics: a major civil war battle civil war munitions and uniforms the emancipation proclamation the gettysburg address note! when writing a research paper, it is important to cite your source or sources. for example, anytime you use a direct quote from the source in your writing, you should follow it with the author's last name, the year of the publication, and the page number where the specific quotation is located in parentheses. for example: the author states, "lincoln was an american hero." (jones, 1999, p. 298). you will also need to include a works cited section at the end of your paper, providing the information about the source you used. generally, when you are writing for a social science course (like this course), you will use a citation format designed by the american psychological association (apa). use this brief apa style guide to you format your citations.
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The ideas contained in the declaration of independence was most influenced by a. absolute monarchy b. the federal system c. anti-authoritarianism d. the social contract theory
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Discuss the development of the first microchips...

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